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Let's give your personal brand the glow up it's been waiting for. 

As a business owner, you realise that you need to appear more professional in todays competitive market. Personal branding is so much more than pictures, It's about building a deeper connection with your audience and turning followers into clients that can last a lifetime.

Personal Branding

Our hustle branding shoot days are design to capture you and your business - build connections with other like minded business women and take your brand to the next level.

That's why you are here, so let's meet your hosts.

 Karene, Darcy & Emma

We are here with you to cheer you on and bring the good vibes. Together with Emma, we host the day connecting you with other epic women by making you feel warmly welcomed and feeling at ease from the moment you arrive...{don't worry as everyone is just as nervy}


Karene creates the fun and chatty vibes while Darcy is shooting B-roll footage of the day for you to take home and create reels with.

Emma is a personal branding photography queen. Her reputation for creating stunning branding shots is fast becoming legendary in the industry so be ready to be wowed by her slick skills behind the lens.


This day all happens while you are getting glammed up with makeup and hair, sipping on a drink and connecting with a host of amazing business women, each with a story to share about their business journey.

Karen, Darcy and Emma

Our next branding shoot days are listed below.

 Upcoming shoot days.

We are excited to be hosting the following shoot days with Emma. Click the location you would like to reserve and follow the prompts. We cannot wait to meet you and shoot your pics.

Karene, Darcy & Emma.


August 9 - Gold Coast


October 9 - Brisbane

Some of our previous days.

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