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Karene and Darcy
Website portfolio
Website portfolio
Website portfolio

We are Gold Coast Virtual Assistants, Karene + Darcy.

Welcome you awesome self led business owner who doesn't mind stalking us, we see you.

We build badass websites for businesses that value creativity.

We also team up to help support savvy business owners who are overwhelmed with admin tasks and are seeking to level up their business support systems.

We are also pretty handy at building people's brands with epic photoshoot days and some other crafty branding skills.

We got you.

These two are passionate, I'll guarantee you that.

We bring a whole lot of hustle to the table.


We are collaborative in nature with a splash of fun, good energy and infectious drive for positive outcomes.

We could chat all day trust us, lol.

Let's focus on you for now because that's what bought you here.

We can sip on a skinny latte later and let you know a little more about our blended to splendid family life, it's crazy lol.

Website portfolio
Karene and Darcy
Website portfolio

You're gleaming with passion for your business - that is making an

impact on your life for the future.

You're currently in a state of making some clear decisions about how you want your business supported.

You're also curious about how you can elevate your biz with a website that reflects you and your mojo.

Now while you are here you may also like to think about how your business branding is going.


We are pretty crafty with design and have a knack for creating fun and bold logos + branding kits with elements to match.


The best part about our process is we,......wait for it LISTEN! So you get what you actually want.

You could be considering social media support so that you can give your head a rest and hand it over to a couple of hustlers like us.

And to top it all off, we just so happen to host some of the most epic personal branding shoot days EVERRRRRR!

We host them several timers a year, so if this sounds like you slid on over to our Branding Shoot Page, it's epic.

Website portfolio

A couple of good reasons you can trust us

You've come this far so we better give you some reasons to keep stalking us.


Which makes perfect sense because you'll need to know if we can fill your shoes with the level of backup you need.


We will have to dive a little deeper into our backgrounds.

Like really dive deep.

Let's jump in.

Let's scope us out

Karene has over 15 years of commercial property management experience, starting from the humble beginnings in Canberra in the late 90's.

After her career burnout in 2021, she took a break and cleaned houses to get by and support her 3 kids.

She started Virtual Hustle in 2021, with her first client from a Facebook Group Job ad.

She has an amazing ability to connect people together and is passionate about community.

She loves a sneaky cocktail, her 3 kids + 1 step dude & her two dogs, Frankie and Charlie.

Website portfolio

one + one = hustle

and now onto Karene's side kick​

Darcy is a 3rd Year Uni drop out attempting to become a PE Teacher. 

Later doing a string of jobs from hospitality to being a baker and learning to make scones.

Darcy regained his passion for teaching by becoming a Franchisee Trainer for some of Australia's best known food chains. {he can make a kick ass pizza and scones} 

He then went on to own Multiple Subway Franchise's - before an epic failure in 2020 {so now he can make footlong subs too}

He loves hitting a little white ball onto the fairway and has 1 + Little dude and 3 Step kiddos along with the fur kids.



Ha ha.........well possibly but we don't think so.

We have a joint passion for helping people {we admit we are people pleasers}

We stay in our lanes.

We combine well to seek projects out and make them awesome for our clients.

We get a massive kick out of receiving reviews from clients.

Last count 59 Google Reviews.

We are massive on community and helping others.

We both hit the gym, play golf and love a good trip away when we can.

Website portfolio
Podcast Feature

Get to know us better as we feature on the Kim & Rog Podcast as their very first couple being interviewed!

Podcast icon
Darcy and Karene owners of virtual hustle

We feature on the Kim & Rog Podcast Show

Listen to us chat about all things, living and working together in this warm hearted chat with Kim & Rog.

Kim and Rog
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