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We are ready to support your business

with administration hustle.

Get ready to be organised, accountable and on task with administration support from Karene ( Ka-reen not Karen lol).
Karene makes traditional diaries look lazy. She's efficient, a great communicator and highly detailed - so be ready.
A Trello queen and goddess of many other online tools, all in the name of keeping you in the loop. You'll be appearing all over it in no time. Start telling everyone your VA is literally all over it.
If you're a self-led business owner who wants to have a wing-woman by your side, lace up and get ready for your admin hustle to rock the WORLD!
Karene brings over 15+ years in commercial real estate management and a whole lot of can do attitude.
Virtual Hustle Websites.

All packages are prepaid and can be used across multiple tasks and projects.

Any unused hours can be rolled over in the next month*

All hours are tracked and provided in a weekly email.

What Clients Say

I have been working with Karene now for almost a year and the stress she has relieved me from when it comes to the admin in my business has been so helpful. She has amazing communication and organisational skills are amazing. Thanks Karene you have helped me in my business more than you know
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